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Nardello & Co. Mentioned in Michael Lewis's book Going Infinite

Michael Lewis’s book Going Infinite about Sam Bankman-Fried mention’s Nardello & Co.’s work with John J. Ray III on the FTX bankruptcy investigation. Nardello is mentioned on page 236: “Ray hired teams of hard-nosed sleuths--many of whom he’d worked with before. ‘Serious adults,’ as he called them. The Nardello firm was a lot of former FBI guys. (Corporate motto: We find out).” The firm’s FTX work with Ray and the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell was also reported in the Wall Street Journal article linked below.

FTX, which is based in the Bahamas, also has hired Nardello & Co., an investigations firm that specializes in anti-corruption and fraud cases, Mr. Bromley said in court Tuesday. It also retained blockchain data platform Chainalysis Inc. to help identify and secure digital assets and a cybersecurity company to help with other parts of the investigations, Mr. Bromley said. The name of the cybersecurity company wasn’t disclosed because of concerns over continuing cyberattacks on FTX, he said.


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