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A Danger for Democracy, and Investment, in Peru

Emanating from Brazil across Latin America, the Odebrecht corruption scandal led to the imprisonment of some of the region's most senior political officials and influential businessmen.  It also opened the eyes of many outside investors to the serious corruption endemic to many parts of the region.  

To manage the risk, many investors started conducting more in-depth investigations into potential partners.  Where the public record is sparse, subject to political influence, or otherwise manipulated by powerful actors, these investigations often rely on reporting by local investigative journalists .

Therefore, when independent journalists are targeted by the state, as the Washington Post reports is happening in Peru, it impacts not only the country's democratic norms but the ability for outsiders to gain an understanding of the potential risks of doing business there. 

Faced with a political scenario in which you have an institutional takeover of the public prosecutor’s office, the legislative branch, the executive, and the constitutional court, the only institution left standing with independence is the press